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2015 Recipient of the Vicente E. Caballo Award for Excellence in Cognitive Therapy

"Vision, mission, responsibility and virtue are the cornerstones of my philosophy for making a difference in the world." - Dr. Shari

Throughout my life, I have been committed to bringing about social change by helping better the lives of underprivileged children. My cognitive therapy programs around the globe from Northern California to the Mexican border states to Zambia in Southern Africa are helping thousands of children and their families achieve lasting improvements for themselves and their communities.

I enjoy helping others to learn the techniques that can make a profound impact in bringing about social change in communities around the World. Through my books, speaking engagements, hands-on training workshops and consulting, I teach students, educators, health professionals and social workers how to work with children, identify abuse and build sustainable programs.

My program engages children and their families with research-based self esteem and self awareness therapies (art therapy, non-instrumental biofeedback, autogenic breathing training and somatic education). The program enables the children to improve their cognitive and socio-emotional abilities and increase their chance at leading a productive life.

New Books

The Art of Portraiture – Family Art Therapy

Biofeedback for Children & Adolescents - A Study of Evidence Based Outcomes

Biofeedback for Children & Adolescents – A Study of Evidence Based Outcomes

Recent Projects

Kitchen Garden: Helping blind children in India.

Recent Speaking Engagements

44th Annual WABN Western Association of Biofeedback & Neuroscience, San Francisco

Dr. Shari’s Cognitive Therapy in Somatics 2016 Volume XVII Number 4

Somatics Magazine
Somatics Magazine

Appreciation for Our Work Around the World

HeartMath Institute Letter
HeartMath Institute

Alcanzando Niños en Las Fronteras

My Program for the Mexican Border States

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