cognitive therapy consulting

Dr. Shari lends her cognitive therapy expertise to universities, government agencies, health care facilitates, schools and similar locations. While most organizations opt to have Dr. Shari conduct a full workshop, she does provide consulting services in lieu of a full workshop.

Dr. Shari has a unique understanding of the relationships between government and the private sector and how they can work together to bring about social change. Dr. Shari provides guidance, instruction and support for professionals tackling the challenges of poverty, abuse and neglect plaguing many disadvantaged children, their families and their environment.

Cognitive Therapy Consulting

Dr. Shari provides practical know-how and how it applies in the real world to build an effective program. Her techniques and practical tools are data backed and field tested. Dr. Shari is currently the only available cognitive therapy consultant who can describe the process for building change at the local, regional, state and national level.