The success of Dr. Shari’s Cognitive Therapy Programs come from her ability to teach these techniques to professionals in the field. She has trained hundreds of teachers, educators, social workers, health professionals, government workers, students and many others around the World who then apply these techniques with disadvantaged children and their families. These programs tackle current problems including poverty and immigration.


Dr. Shari’s Two Day Cognitive Therapy Workshop

The two day workshop provides both classroom instruction in these techniques and hands-on application with underprivileged children to address issues with poverty and immigration.

Workshop Day One
Day one of the workshop focuses on training in three major areas:

  • Art Therapy
  • Somatic Education
  • Autogenic Breathing

The training program goes through step-by-step with each technique and how to work with children. The training includes the process of the 5 steps to personal growth:

  1. Identity
  2. Security
  3. Belonging
  4. Purpose
  5. Competence

workshop6In addition to the training, Dr. Shari discusses how to design a sustainable program for disadvantaged children that gets funded. Topics include:

  • Making the right local, community, state, regional and national connections
  • How to launch a pilot program
  • Going from pilot to sustainable program
  • How to demonstrate program efficacy
  • More than a project, how to implement a full program
  • How sustainable programs can help reduce poverty
  • Dealing with immigration and the challenges of abandoned children

Workshop Day Two
Working with local disadvantaged children, Dr. Shari and the workshop participants get hands-on with the techniques learned from day one. Important activities include:

  • Art therapy options and choices
  • How to get children involved
  • Breaking down barriers to participation
  • Applying somatic techniques in a group setting
  • How autogenic breathing impacts stress reduction

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